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Indonesia belongs to the biggest white limestone suppliers around the world. For your information, this stone is very popular and in high demands today. There are many buildings, houses, etc. that use this natural stone. For example, you can see this charming pool deck using limestone. See why it is below.

Look at This Charming Pool Deck Using White Limestone. See Why It Is!

When discussing sedimentary rocks, we cannot forget white classic limestone. For your information, limestone is a kind of porous stone that comes from a natural process of sedimentary that happens on the rivers, lakes, and sea-beds. And, Indonesia is a country that belongs to the biggest supplier of white limestone.

White Limestone
White Limestone

People often use white limestone to determine the wall concept. Therefore, there are some materials to give unique texture to it. So, it can make the surface of any area at your house different from others. For example, you can look at this charming pool deck using limestone. See why it is!

This Bali limestone creates a relaxed & warm ambiance. Besides that, it brings the traditional appearance & natural sense in your house. In addition, it turns your home seems environmentally friendly & straightforward. In fact, the wood paneling is excellent for a small modern minimalist building with wood flooring. Meanwhile, limestone will be the ideal pair selection for the wider space room as it adds glamour sturdiness.

The Unique Characteristics of White Limestone

Belongs to the most authentic Bali natural stones, it is appropriate for exterior and interior. For exterior, the example is this charming pool deck using white limestone. See why it is. For your information, it comes in different colors such as paras, classic gold, and white. The neutral color makes it very versatile. Moreover, it fits different home style including vintage, contemporary, etc.

Today, white limestone tiles belong to the highest-value prospect in the market, especially for property investment. It is because limestone has a luxury touch. Besides that, it also comes with strong durability. Even more, its price is still reasonable.

Do’s and Don’ts: How to Care for Your White Limestone

Taking care of White Limestone is simpler than you might think. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent is usually enough to maintain its beauty. For outdoor installations, an annual sealant application can help protect it from the elements.

How to Order and Buy White Limestone

You have seen this charming pool deck using limestone. See why it is. Now, you have to know where you can order and buy it. Stone Depot is the best place for you who are looking for this stone because they only sell the highest-quality products.

1.   Place an Order

We know that this stone is proven for construction projects for decades. If you want to know more about it, you can ask Stone Depot via fax or phone. Then, after you select your preferred white limestone, you can order it via WhatsApp or email.

2.   Choose the Payment

Before your order is processed, you will get an invoice you have to pay. You can choose the payment methods based on your preference. After the payment is done, they will process your order and make sure that you receive the products on time and with safe. Hopefully, you get inspired by this charming pool deck using white limestone. See why it is.

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