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Bali Stone Wall Cladding

Natural Stone

Bali Stone Wall Cladding is a natural stone product produce by Stone Depot with high-artistic touch. Our Bali Stone Wall Cladding products made from high-quality natural stone such as Bali Lavastone, Bali Limestone, Bali Sandstone, and Bali Basalt. We have several designs of Bali Stone Wall Cladding that suitable for enhancing the quality of your interior and exterior walls.


Bali Lavastone is a versatile product. Bali Lavastone has good-looking used for flooring tile, swimming pool tiles, and wall cladding. It causes Bali Lavastone to have a solid and porous characteristic that resistant to weather changes.

Bali Lavastone Cladding has a unique design that you can choose for the interior walls: tumbled, diamond cut, camel shape, and curved wall.

Meanwhile, Bali Lavastone Cladding with crazy cut pattern has high-demands used to enhance the quality of exterior parts of the buildings.


White Classic or also known as Bali Limestone has unique soft textured with classic white color. Bali Limestone has good applications used for interior and exterior walls such as pillars, facades, and fences.

Bali Limestone Cladding also has several unique designs that you can choose to enhance the modern quality of your buildings: tumbled, camel shape, linear cut, strip cladding, diamond cut, and helios shape.


Bali Sandstone Cladding has a unique golden brown color with natural design variance. Our Bali Sandstone Cladding is a good product to apply in your buildings that need a natural impression due to the natural design variance from this stone.

Bali Sandstone Cladding is a good option for your exterior due to this stone has good resistance from any extreme weather changes.


Bali Basalt has similar characteristics with Bali Lavastone: solid and harsh textured. The difference between Bali Basalt with Bali Lavastone is Bali Basalt stone has more solid textured.

Bali Basalt Cladding has a high-artistic touch for your interior and exterior walls. Our Bali Basalt Cladding has a popular design: strip cladding pattern. This cladding is a good option to enhancing the quality of your water fountain, fences, and pillar areas.

Our Project Gallery: Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran, Central Java

Java cascade marble for the beautiful exterior parts at The Wujil Resort

The Modern Wall Cladding Look with Java Cascade Marble at The Wujil Resort

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