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Bali Marble Stone Tiles


Bali Marble Stone Tiles are known for its one of kind look. People love these stone tiles because of its ability to reflect light. Though many different manufacturers of marble and stone tiles, Bali Stone Rusia will always be the best option for homeowners, especially those who want to build beautiful homes, hotels, or other buildings on the magnificent island. Now, we just have to begin with a simple start, which is choosing the right color or marble stone tile. The right color and pattern will add a sophisticated and distinctive look to almost any area that it is installed in.

Bali Marble Stone Tiles are the best option to decorate and personalize a space. Though some marble tiles are quite expensive, some of it can be found at a reasonable price. Generally, how much we will spend depends on how much tiles we need. It can also depend on the type of marble. Because of that reason, Bali Stone Rusia comes to help us find the best type of marble tile at the most reasonable price. The company has been known for its complete collection and its experience.

Though Bali Marble Stone Tiles are known as expensive items, there is a less expensive version, which is called by some people cultured marble. This type of marble is actually made with binding agents and marble dust. The appearance of cultured marble is similar to marble stone tiles with less solidity. Cultured marble can be a very cost-effective solution to get the look of natural marble. In western countries, many vanities and bathtubs are made from cultured marble. Depending on what it is made from, cultured marble can be more durable and stronger. It can also be easier to care for than natural marble stone tile.

Characteristic of Bali Marble Stone Tiles

  • Type: Mega Red Java Marble, White Crystalline Marble, Royal Oyster Marble, Java Cream Marble
  • Color: Creamy Beige, Red , and White
  • Application: Indoor Flooring Tiles, Wall Cladding, Basin, Water Features, Pottery.
  • Finishing: Honed, Acid, & Polished, Mosaic and Split Face
  • Format: Tiles, Mosaic, Cut to Size.
  • Size : 300x300x20, 500x600x20, 300x300x10 with 20×20, 50×50 and 25×25 strips, 100x200x30, 150x150x30

Our Project Gallery

A Classic Interior Floor with Bali Beige Marble

The Elegance Lounge with Java Pacific Beige Marble

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