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It is very interesting to discuss Indonesian marble stone with its uniqueness. As we know, marble belongs to the best option among other natural stones. Besides that, modern construction often use marble including in the private residences, resorts, and hotels. Many people consider marble as the best stone because of its uniqueness.

Marble Stone

Most Popular Indonesian Marble Stone with Its Uniqueness

Belongs to the best marble-producing countries, Indonesia has many international-quality marbles that attract many natural stone lovers’ attentions. So, you need to know about marble stone in Indonesia.

1.   Limestone Marble

In the international market, limestone marble belongs to the most popular Indonesian marble. It is a kind of rock that has a high content of lime concentrate. For your information, it has a natural white tone. Besides that, its surface is slightly rougher, too. That’s why this natural stone is appropriate for pool tiling.

Still related to Indonesian marble stone with its uniqueness, lime stone marble’s ability is good to be exposed to temperature changes. Moreover, this stone is anti-moss. Even more, it is not slippery even exposed to water. That’s why it becomes the main material for pool tiles.

2.   Statuary Marble

Now, let’s talk about this Indonesian marble stone with its characteristics. You can identify statuary marble easily because it comes with a distinctive pattern of cracks. Besides, it has dominant white tone that makes it have a minimalist and elegant look. In addition, people often use it for different parts of house such as decorations of pillars, walls, and floors.

Uniquely, it is available in some finishing options including acid, honed, and polished. Of course, each finishing type has a different texture. Anyway, understanding this Indonesian marble with its uniqueness is very important.

Besides those 2 types, there’s still one popular type named Green Marble. It comes with a good level of heat resistance. Therefore, it won’t crumble when heated at high temperatures. Even more, the heating process creates color changes. So, it belongs to the modifications through a high-temperature heating process.

Where and How to Buy Indonesian Marble

After you understand the Indonesian marble with its uniqueness, you may be curious about where and how to buy it. It requires skillful techniques to cut or shape Indonesian marble. Besides that, it takes comprehensive screening to choose the high-quality products only. That’s why finished marble tiles can cost a bit expensive. However, buying Indonesian marble tiles can be a good investment.

The price of Indonesian marble may vary. You can choose and buy it depending on your needs. If you need further information about Indonesian marble and other natural stones, you can contact Stone Depot. You may contact them via phone, email, or WhatsApp. Even more, you can send them a fax. feel free to contact us at: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (WhatsApp), [email protected] (Email), +62 231 8491546 (Fax), +62 231 8802888 (Phone) for more information regarding Marble Stone.

For your information, Stone Depot is an Indonesian natural stone supplier. If you have understood the Indonesian marble with its uniqueness, you can select your desired type of Indonesian marble easily. Purchasing Indonesian marble at Stone Depot is very easy because there are a few payment methods for you. Description: Indonesian marble with its uniqueness should be understood well before you decide to choose and purchase it for your home decoration material.