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Recently, Bali natural stone has got more popularity. In fact, adding Bali natural stone into home interior design will increase the sense of warmth & earthiness to your house. So, it is very important to know 3 most favorite spots of using Bali natural stone. For those who want to build a summer house, you can consider the following design ideas with Bali natural stone.

Bali Natural Stone
Bali Natural Stone

What Are 3 Most Favorite Spots of Using Bali Natural Stone?

There are a few types of Bali natural stone you can use for your home design. Here are some best spots of using Bali natural stone for your home design.

1.   Bali Natural Stone as Terrace Flooring

As we know, Andesite belongs to the most popular Bali natural stone. This natural stone is very durable. Recently, it has become more popular because it fits the industrial style. It comes with a gray color, making it fit a minimalist home design. People usually use it for outdoor because it can withstand mold and weather.

Terrace flooring belongs to 3 most favorite spots of using Bali natural stone. With this natural stone flooring, your terrace will look sophisticated. Besides that, this home design will save up your money, too. In fact, the cost for maintenance is cheap enough.

2.   Bali Natural Stone as the Bathroom Decoration

If you want your bathroom have a nice relaxing experience when you use it, it will be a good idea to add Bali pebble stone to its floor. This idea will create tropical nuance in your bathroom. In addition, Bali pebble stone has a unique texture. So, it will make your bathroom more stand out. Moreover, this small interior detail will make you feel like you are in a Bali resort when you take a bath.

Besides, kitchen counter also belongs to 3 most favorite spots of using Bali natural stone. If you want a durable & easy-to-clean material for your kitchen counter, you can use Terrazzo. It is not only solid but also belongs to non-porous composite material. Besides durable, it also has a smooth surface. That’s why you will be able to clean it easily.

For your information, Terrazzo is available in different colors. In addition, it comes with unique details. with this Bali natural stone, your kitchen counter will be very stunning. Besides those Bali natural stone home designs, there are still many other ideas you can try.

Bali Natural Stone Home Design

From those 3 most favorite spots of using Bali natural stone, which one do you like most? Just feel free to follow your desired home design idea. Usually, people use Bali natural stone for wall cladding. You can choose your desired type of Bali natural stone.

Actually, Bali natural stone is appropriate for any design. However, it will be best for a minimalist home design. In fact, this natural stone will bring elegance to your home design. Whether you want to use it for interior or exterior, those 3 most favorite spots of using Bali natural stone will really inspire you. Stone Depot provides you different Bali natural stone products. Now, you can purchase it at Stone Depot.

Description: 3 most favorite spots of using Bali natural stone include Andesite as terrace floor, pebbles as the bathroom decoration, and Terrazzo for kitchen counter.

How to Purchase Bali Natural Stone

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